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Episode 72: Jim O’Rourke & CM Von Hausswolff, Helm, and Sunn O)))

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It’s been a minute. LOL. But hey, thanks to Skype’s new recording feature David no longer sounds like he’s in a tin can! So check out this episode’s discussions about O’Rourke & Von Hausswolff, Helm and the mighty Sunn O))). Peace!

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ORourke_VonHausswolff_In DemonIn

Jim O’Rourke & CM Von Hausswolff: In Demons In! (iDeal Recordings)


Helm: Chemical Flowers (PAN)


Sunn O))): Life Metal (Southern Lord)


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Episode 24: Sunn O))) & Ulver, Cthulhu Detonator and Russell Haswell

We had a pretty good run with this batch of releases! We talk about why the Sunn O)) & Ulver collaboration is better than the media is giving it credit for. Plus, we rave about an awesome new release from the uber underrated Cthulhu Detonator, and last but definitely not least the new Russell Haswell record is killer.

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Sunn O))) & Ulver: Terrestrials (Southern Lord)


Cthulhu Detonator: Sucking the Blood of Celestial Beings (Self Released)


Russell Haswell: 37 Minute Workout (Diagonal Records)


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