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Episode 60: Phirnis / Katarrhaktes, Darren McClure & Arovane, and Incapacitants

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We span the full gamut for our 60th episode! We both love Phirnis / Katarrhaktes’ digital clatter, whie Darren McClure and Arovane seduce us with their beautiful collaboration ‘Nest’. Then we wrap things up with a bludgeoning from the mighty Incapacitants!

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Phirnis/Katarrhaktes: Labyrinths (self released)


Darren McClure & Arovane: Nest (self released)


Incapacitants: Survival-of-the-Laziest (Alchemy Records)

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Episode 36: Mike Shiflet & High Aura’d, Phirnis/Katarrhaktes, and Oren Ambarchi

We had a good run with these three records. The Mike Shiflet & High Aura’d collaboration is a stunner, Phirnis/Katarrhaktes prove noise has some life in it yet, and Oren Ambarchi kicks butt on his Live Knots record.

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MIke Shiflet & High Aura'd:

MIke Shiflet & High Aura’d: Awake (Type Records)


Phirnis/Katarrhaktes: Sleepers (Fwonk*)

Oren Ambarchi: Live Knots (Pan)

Oren Ambarchi: Live Knots (Pan)

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