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Episode 55: Kristian. M. Roberts, Merzbow, and Starving ghosts

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Holy heck is it almost March 2017 already? Time flies when you’re listening to noise. On our first episode for the year we cover a stunning Australian field recording collage by Kristian. M. Roberts, discuss Merzbow and his idiosyncrasies in relation to his latest release, and  clsoe things with a beautiful album by Canadian act Starving ghosts.

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Kristian.M.Roberts: Two Portraits                                            (Fallopian Tunes)


Merzbow: Hanakisassage (Old Captain)


Starving Ghosts: Starving Ghost                                     (Bored Coast Records)



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Episode 20: Gabriel Saloman, Merzbow and Treasure Hunt

Ho Ho Ho! One last episode before we see in 2014! As always listen right here or subscribe over at iTunes. And do yourself a favour, email as at theantidotepodcast at gmail dot com.

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Gabriel Saloman_Soldiers requiem

Gabriel Saloman: Soldier’s requiem


Merzbow: Kookaburra

Treasure Hunt_Adult Magic

Treasure Hunt: Adult Magic

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Episode 11 – The Merzbow Records to Avoid…….

Merzbow Noise Podcast Music

Still unsure where to start with Merzbow’s supersized catalogue? Are you a seasoned Merzbow fan still keen on hunting down obscure gems? Welcome to the second installment of our guide to Merzbow. This time around we chat about the Merzbow records that disappointed us and recommend a few that you might do best to avoid. Funnily enough, without even discussing beforehand Dave and I ended up finding a lot of common ground here.

So, what Merzbow records disappointed you? Did you disagree with us? Then email us! theantidotepodcast@gmail.com

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