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Episode 23: Machinefabriek x 2 and Ø (Mika Vainio)

….and we’re back. We take a slightly different approach this time around and review two records by the same artist, Machinefabriek. One we love, while the other causes a little bit debate. Lastly, we get a little bit bummed out about the new record from Mika Vainio’s Ø project.

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Machinefabriek_attention the doors are closing

Machinefabriek: Attention, the Doors are Closing! (self released)

Machinefabriek_Doepfer Worm

Machinefabriek: Doepfer Worm (Entr’acte)

Ø_Mika Vainio_Konstellaatio

Ø: Konstellaatio (Sahko Recordings)


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Episode 16 – Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne

It’s a mini episode! We wanted to continue our discussion about the experimental music scene in Australia, so in this special episode we’re digging back into Sabbatical Records‘ 2011 release “Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne.” This double CD compilation highlights some fine Australian noise. Take a listen to our thoughts on it, the go and buy it!

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Sabbatical Records

Sabbatical Records – Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne (2011)

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Episode 15 – Mika Vainio, Dethscalator and Okkyung Lee

A combination of viruses and tropical holidays has kept us away from the mics, but we’re back! On episode 15 of The Antidote we bang on about the latest from Finnish electronic whiz Mika Vainio, some throwback hardcore UK trash rock in the shape of Dethscalator and a beyond the avant grade record from Korean cellist Okkyung Lee.  Listen, enjoy and write to us at theantidotepodcast at gmail dot com

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Mika Vainio Pan Sonic Kilo

Mika Vainio: Kilo

Dethscalator Golf Course Riot Season

Dethscalator: Racial Golf Course No Bitches

Okkyung Lee Lassee Marhaug

Okkyung Lee: Ghil

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Episode 10 – Wolf Eyes, Transparent Body and The Haxan Cloak

It’s a mixed bag on this episode. The new one from Wolf Eyes, No Answer: Lower Floors leaves us wondering whether the collective are more interested in their solo projects at the moment, while Transparent Body’s drone release out on Textural Records also leaves us a little cold. But we save the best for last, and gush over Excavation, the frightening new record from The Haxan Cloak.

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As always, tell us what you think of these records or get in touch with Dave and Ingmar on Twitter.

Wolf Eyes Lower Floors Podcast

Wolf Eyes – No Answer: Lower Floors

Transparent BodyPick it up here

Haxan Cloak Excavation Noise

The Haxan Cloak – Excavation

Buy it here

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Episode 8 – Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, The Knife and Cthulhu Detonator

This time around Dave and Ingmar take a listen to the new Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement reissue called Black Magic Cannot Cross Water, the new ‘electronic behemoth’ from The Knife and also Cthulhu Detonator‘s Infernal Machines, a stunning release from the far reaches of Canada BC.

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Dominick Fernow Prurient

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Black Magic Cannot Cross Water 

The Knife Habitual Podcast

The Knife – Shaking the Habitual

Cthulhu Noise Music Podcast

Cthulhu Detonator – Infernal Machines

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Episode 8 – Hey Colossus, Aaron Dilloway & Kevin Drumm, Prurient

Holy sheet, it’s been six weeks since we put out an episode! Give us a break, we’re lazy Australians. This time around we take a look at the kick ass new record from Hey Colossus, out on Mie Music. Doomy, sludgey, psychedelic goodness! We also check out a re-release of Aaron Dilloway & Kevin Drumm’s monstrous 2002  collaboration I Drink your Skin. And we wrap it all up with Prurient’s latest sleazy technoid record, out on Blackest ever Black.

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Episode 7 – Kevin Drumm, The Dead C, Rangda and The Glittering Hand

Not three, but four reviews this time around. OK, one of them happens to be a split record but as far as we’re concerned that means there’s a bonus review. We debate the new Dead C / Rangda split out on Bada Bing records and speculate about Kevin Drumm wanting to disturb people’s psyche on his mammoth, minimalist drone release Tannenbaum. And, we also talk about a mysterious release by The Glittering Hand.

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Let us know what you think of these records, or tell us what you want us to review

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Episode 6 – Hair Police, Jar Moff and Hammer & Crumer

Belated Happy New Year and all that crap. We’re back and getting noisy for 2013!

This time ’round we listen to and discuss the latest mind fuck from Hair Police; we parlay about the Pan label’s recent offering from Jar Moff and, last but not least we pontificate on a little record called Show ’em the Door by Joseph Hammer and Jason Crumer.

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Episode 5 – The Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow

We’re kicking off 2013 with a mini episode aimed squarely at those folks new to the world of noise and experimental music, but sure to be enjoyed by aficionados as well. It’s the Antidote Podcast’s Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow!

Masami Akita’s Merzbow project has been going for more than thirty years and spans upwards of 500 releases. Considered by many as the ‘father’ (godfather?) of contemporary noise music, the Merzbow catalogue can be a tough thing to tackle. Wanna check out some Merzbow but don’t know where to start? In this 20 minute episode we discuss which Merzbow records are ideal for first time listeners, and also (attempt to) choose our favourite in his discography. Head over to iTunes and subscribe to The Antidote or listen to episode 5 now

Our picks for the best Merzbow records for beginners include Merzbear, Merzbeat, Merzzow and Yoshinotsune.

Check out more of David’s thoughts on Merzbow at Ducks Battle Satan

And read more about Ingmar’s thoughts on Merzbow at Evol Kween the Musical

Stay tuned for future episodes of the Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow. And if you’ve got your own idea on his best/worst/whatever records then drop us a line at


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Episode 4 – Holly Herndon, Raime, Daniel Lopatin & Tim Hecker, and our Top 5 for 2012

It’s the Xmas special! We talk about the Holly Herndon record that Boomkat has been in love with lately, but we weren’t convinced. We also take a listen to the stunning debut full-length from Raime called Quarter Turns over a Living Line, and the confusing collaboration between Daniel Lopatin and Tim Hecker.

We also roll through our Top 5 albums for 2012 and whinge about Wire magazine’s Top 50……

listen to the episode here or download and subscribe at Itunes.

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