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Episode 6 – Hair Police, Jar Moff and Hammer & Crumer

Belated Happy New Year and all that crap. We’re back and getting noisy for 2013!

This time ’round we listen to and discuss the latest mind fuck from Hair Police; we parlay about the Pan label’s recent offering from Jar Moff and, last but not least we pontificate on a little record called Show ’em the Door by Joseph Hammer and Jason Crumer.

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Episode 5 – The Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow

We’re kicking off 2013 with a mini episode aimed squarely at those folks new to the world of noise and experimental music, but sure to be enjoyed by aficionados as well. It’s the Antidote Podcast’s Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow!

Masami Akita’s Merzbow project has been going for more than thirty years and spans upwards of 500 releases. Considered by many as the ‘father’ (godfather?) of contemporary noise music, the Merzbow catalogue can be a tough thing to tackle. Wanna check out some Merzbow but don’t know where to start? In this 20 minute episode we discuss which Merzbow records are ideal for first time listeners, and also (attempt to) choose our favourite in his discography. Head over to iTunes and subscribe to The Antidote or listen to episode 5 now

Our picks for the best Merzbow records for beginners include Merzbear, Merzbeat, Merzzow and Yoshinotsune.

Check out more of David’s thoughts on Merzbow at Ducks Battle Satan

And read more about Ingmar’s thoughts on Merzbow at Evol Kween the Musical

Stay tuned for future episodes of the Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow. And if you’ve got your own idea on his best/worst/whatever records then drop us a line at


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Episode 3 – Kevin Drumm, Lee Gamble and Treasure Hunt

Hello! We’ve gone live with episode 3 featuring reviews and general chit chat about the new Kevin Drumm record, a whimsical cassette by a Texan going by the name of Treasure Hunt, and a collection of ambient collages based on old Jungle mixes by Lee Gamble.

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And for a limited time only, we have one brand new, unopened copy of Daniel Menche’s awesome ‘Guts’ on CD to give away. All you have to do is leave us a rating/review on iTunes to go into the draw. The winner will be announced on the next episode.

Leave us a comment or send stuff to us directly at theantidotepodcast at gmail dot com.

For those with short attention spans you can also catch us on Twitter as ducksbattlesata and Evolkween

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Episode 2: Pelt, Pete Swanson, Mike Shiflet

Here’s the second episode of The Antidote, an Australian based podcast about experimental music from around the world that no one else wants to listen too. This episode Dave and Ingmar chat about Pete Swanson’s ‘Pro-Styles’ (Dave loves it, Ingmar’s not so sure), Mike Shiflet’s absolutely stunning ‘The Choir, The Army’ and the challenging but delightful new record from Pelt called ‘Effigy”.

Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section, or send stuff to us directly at theantidotepodcast at gmail dot com. Let us know you’re out there!

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