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Episode 37: Shit and Shine, Koenraad Ecker, and Hey Colossus

We review not one, but TWO Shit and Shine records on this episode because we don’t have our shit together enough to make sure we’re each listening to the same record. We also chat about the new one from Koenraad Ecker, and the latest from everyone’s favourite sludge masters Hey Colossus.

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Shit and Shine: Chakin’ (Monofonus Press)

Shit and Shine 54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral

Shit and Shine: 54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral (Rocket Recordings)

Koenraad Ecker: Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus (Line)

Koenraad Ecker: Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus (Line)

Hey_Colossus_Black and Gold

Hey Colossus: In Black and Gold (Rocket Recordings)

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Episode 8 – Hey Colossus, Aaron Dilloway & Kevin Drumm, Prurient

Holy sheet, it’s been six weeks since we put out an episode! Give us a break, we’re lazy Australians. This time around we take a look at the kick ass new record from Hey Colossus, out on Mie Music. Doomy, sludgey, psychedelic goodness! We also check out a re-release of Aaron Dilloway & Kevin Drumm’s monstrous 2002  collaboration I Drink your Skin. And we wrap it all up with Prurient’s latest sleazy technoid record, out on Blackest ever Black.

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