Two music nerds, on opposite sides of Australia, talking about noise and other experimental music. Talk to us, we don’t bite!


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  1. Sending you guys some upcoming Dumbsaint material. Check spam if it doesn’t arrive. Thanks!


  2. Hi,
    Here is a link to my quasi-improvised guitar music: http://www.blocsonic.com/releases/show/slough

    All the best,

  3. Hey Antidote,
    I’ve just subscribed to your podcast, so I’m a newbie. I hope you don’t mind digital submissions. Mine are of the tape manipulation variety (John Oswald, Negativland, Evolution Control Committee). Hope you enjoy.

  4. Yes, unfortunately for now I’m only on SoundCloud. I hope to do a digital release on Bandcamp in the near future, as well as videos to accompany my music on YouTube.
    Take care,
    Patrick Thibodeaux

  5. I could send you a couple tunes via Dropbox, if that might be easier to access and listen.

  6. Can I email you a couple MP3s?

  7. Hello,
    I recently email you about my music on SoundCloud, which was the only place my stuff was available. I’ve recently released 2 audio albums on Bandcamp and the Free Music Archive, the links to both are below.
    Thanks for your time – I really enjoy your podcast.


  8. Thanks Patrick, we’ll check this out! Cheers

  9. Hello David, Ingmar and theanitidotepodcast,
    we are Solar Maximum, an experimental psychedelic duo from the San Francisco bay area. We would like to submit our music for listening and review. We hope you like it. Thanks.
    Cheers from Northern Ca.-Sammy and Heather


  10. Thought you might like a look at this compilation album of mostly Adelaide noise artists.

    3D Radio
    Vanishing Point (Tuesdays 11pm)


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