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Episode 51: Bjarni Gunnarsson, Nurse with Wound, and Jim O’Rourke

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Get your fill of experimental weirdo noise on episode 51! David names the new Bjarni Gunnarsson as his album of the year; Ingmar finally ‘gets’ Nurse with Wound; and Jim O’Rourke’s Steamroom 26 is a must have for any music nerd.

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Bjarni Gunnarsson: Paths (Granny Records)

Bjarni Gunnarsson: Paths (Granny Records)

Nurse with Would: Dark Fat (United Dirter)

Nurse with Would: Dark Fat (United Dirter)

Jim O'Rourke: Steamroom 26 (self released)

Jim O’Rourke: Steamroom 26 (self released)

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