Episode 23: Machinefabriek x 2 and Ø (Mika Vainio)

….and we’re back. We take a slightly different approach this time around and review two records by the same artist, Machinefabriek. One we love, while the other causes a little bit debate. Lastly, we get a little bit bummed out about the new record from Mika Vainio’s Ø project.

As usual listen right here or download over at iTurds.

Take a peak into Ingmar’s inner thoughts at evolkweenthemusical.wordpress.com and twitter.com/evolkween

David likes to rant and rave over at ducksbattlesatan.com and twitter.com/ducksbattlesata

Machinefabriek_attention the doors are closing

Machinefabriek: Attention, the Doors are Closing! (self released)

Machinefabriek_Doepfer Worm

Machinefabriek: Doepfer Worm (Entr’acte)

Ø_Mika Vainio_Konstellaatio

Ø: Konstellaatio (Sahko Recordings)


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2 responses to “Episode 23: Machinefabriek x 2 and Ø (Mika Vainio)

  1. The smashed egg is on the cover because egg are being smashed in the dance performance the music was made for… cheers!

  2. rutgerzuydervelt

    The smashed egg on the cd sleeve is because in the dance piece, eggs are being smashed… cheers!

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