Episode 17: Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Mohammad and Bjarni Gunnarsson

An episode fraught with friction! Well, not really but David wasn’t so sure about the Mohammad record out on Pan although Ingmar loved it. We also discuss the latest 12″ from Dominick Fernow’s Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement project and a stellar record from Icelandic sound artist Bjarni Gunnarsson. Check out Gunnarsson’s web page where you purchase a stunningly packaged copy of his record. It’s SO worth it!

As always, listen right here or subscribe over it iTurds. And do yourself a favour, email as at theantidotepodcast at gmail dot com.

Take a peak into Ingmar’s inner thoughts at evolkweenthemusical.wordpress.com and twitter.com/evolkween

David likes to rant and rave over at ducksbattlesatan.com and twitter.com/ducksbattlesata

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