Episode 5 – The Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow

We’re kicking off 2013 with a mini episode aimed squarely at those folks new to the world of noise and experimental music, but sure to be enjoyed by aficionados as well. It’s the Antidote Podcast’s Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow!

Masami Akita’s Merzbow project has been going for more than thirty years and spans upwards of 500 releases. Considered by many as the ‘father’ (godfather?) of contemporary noise music, the Merzbow catalogue can be a tough thing to tackle. Wanna check out some Merzbow but don’t know where to start? In this 20 minute episode we discuss which Merzbow records are ideal for first time listeners, and also (attempt to) choose our favourite in his discography. Head over to iTunes and subscribe to The Antidote or listen to episode 5 now

Our picks for the best Merzbow records for beginners include Merzbear, Merzbeat, Merzzow and Yoshinotsune.

Check out more of David’s thoughts on Merzbow at Ducks Battle Satan

And read more about Ingmar’s thoughts on Merzbow at Evol Kween the Musical

Stay tuned for future episodes of the Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow. And if you’ve got your own idea on his best/worst/whatever records then drop us a line at theantidotepodcast@gmail.com


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2 responses to “Episode 5 – The Beginner’s Guide to Merzbow

  1. Matt

    You missed out Rainbow Electronics II which was my first taste of Merzbow. It scared my on first listen and waited 2 years for a proper spin, after which I discovered the Merzbow portal that opens up after 15 mins of exposure at a decent volume. Any thoughts on the difference between speakers or headphones with Merzbow? Being a dad headphones are often my only option….

    • Hey Matt! Sorry we’ve been slack about responding. Took a little break from the podcast, but we’re back. Personally, I prefer Merzbow in headphones because you become completely enveloped in the sound. Rainbow Electronics II is a goodie, I need to revisit that!

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